Playline projections for todays NBA playoff games

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Todays contest features Donavan Mitchell of the Jazz Paul George and Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder. Looking at trying to take down the Milli today we certainly want to look at stat trends as well as DVP. Season long stats and even matchup on a certain  player don’t tell us the story depending on what’s at stake. So let’s get in to it.

Donovan Mitchell

Well what else can be said for this rookie who has come out of nowhere this season to lead this Jazz team. He may not win rookie of the year but he should and is that good. What does that say for our game tonight when setting our line? On the season he averages just over 20 points per game and just over 4 rebounds and 4 assists. In game 2 Mitchell put up 28 points 10 rebounds and 2 assists. If you played him with season averages you were disappointed as he outscored his season averages except in the rebound category. Why was this the case?  A few factors for the scoring output was game flow. Although the Thunder are an average pace team the game flow determines pace when you’re facing Westbrook. If your down Russ is going to press harder and therefore the pace up begins to take shape and that will lead to more shot attempts by a shooter like Mitchell.

Expectations can most likely be similar to game 2 in this case and if you want to differentiate your line ups, the suggestion would be to lower the points scored total and rebound total while bumping the assists. Variance in your line should for points be 20 -25 Rebounds be 4-7 and assists 4-7. Game theory for Mitchell’s line is that the Thunder will make adjustments on the scoring side and that will lead to more assists and slightly less rebounds. OKC should defend his shot better, however if you’re looking to take down a GPP today you might throw a 28-30 point line in to be contrarian in that category along with the lower projections for Rebounds and assists. Projected Playline 22-5-6

Paul George

Season averages for George are just over 21 points , just over 5 rebounds and just over 3 assists per game. Taking into consideration variance and that this is a playoff game and the defensive prowess of the Jazz we need to make adjustments. His stat line from game 2 were 18 points 10 Rebounds and 1 assist. It’s never a good idea to chase game logs, but in this case the points and rebounds are perfect for what can be expected for game 3. George is the second option on this team and if Mello gets hot he could become the third.

Looking to nail this projection down the line for points should be between 15-20 and Rebounds 7-10. Assists would come from him driving and passing in the lane this game so assuming he’s option two you can be safe at his average of 3-4 assists on the night. George is one of the more frustrating players to figure out this season and that has been the case here in the postseason. Projected Playline 18-7-3

Russell Westbrook

Mr. Triple Double, well almost for game 2 but he was shy by a single rebound as he went 19-9-13 for game 2. What can we say about Russ he’s either way over season averages or sucks, it;s true. If you plug-in his season average to a Playline contest you might win 1 out of 20 times with Russ. On the season his averages are just over 24 points and hovering just over 10 and 10 for rebounds and assists. Call it bold but those numbers are close to the projection that will be his perfect line tonight. If the Thunder want to take the lead in this series Russ will need to go all Russ on the Jazz.   For variance on Russ you want to hover around those averages for the season give or take a few points 26-30 for points 10-13 for rebounds and assists. If he’s in the mood tonight his Playline should look like this Projection: 33-10-10.

Perfect line bonus

Remember to win large field contests on Playline you must have a unique lineup. Choosing to take one category as a punt if you will is the way to go and Russ is a great example. Most of the smart players won’t play Russ at 10-10 rebounds and assists just due to game logs and trying to avoid those who might be reading them. If you go this route and bump his points up expecting him to take over the game, you should score well and be in the top of your contest Good luck tonight.