Multi lineup build Results 11/21 FanDuel

Well on the night I won a small amount on my entire buy in. I wanted to goback and breakdown my strategy and share the resullts. I bought in for $80 and won $66. My main plays I built around were Bo Horvat and Del Zotto from the Canucks. First off I’m never dissapointed when I beleive my process wa on point. You may ask what do I mean by that? Simple when I look back at what I’m trying to do tonight, I was in it to hit big. And I had a feeling that fading the chalk which was the Flyers goalie and offensive stacks I would have a unique lineup and low owned players. I had both! At the end of the day I simply had the wrong scorers for the Nuck’s I needed to have Boesers and Vanek they did all the damage. the importance of the following is the key to winning big. If both of my players score a goal and assist on the other I am in the top 5 of most of my entries. they didn’t and I pretty much won my money back but the lesson to myself and others should be the game theory and that my friends employed regularly will eventually hit big. until next time feel free to hit me up on twitter @VatmanP

Multi Lineup Build FD NHL 11/21

When I look to build multiple lineups for DFS I always start with my value and potential low owned players, For that I generally go over to Linestar and check on their projections. I don’t know how accurate they are to the decimal but I use them and once my contest starts they are generally in the neighborhood of what they said. I’m looking for low ownership because that’s how I am ultimately going to win GPP’s. Tonight I am focusing on a few things for my games to target. #1 I like the growth of the youth on the Canucks and Bo Horvat and the top line is taking a lot of shots on goal. Note here that the industry including my own optimizer I use at Roto QL is on the Philly side with Neuwirth. Perfect could not be in a better spot to pull off a huge win with most players trending towards that goalie I like the Nuck’s spot tonight. Lot’s of shots equals potential goals. I am also not off of Philly in fact I think we may have a 4–3 game. #2 I’m targeting Jake Allen and for this simple reason; I think the Blues and Vegas thinks the Blues will win. His price tag and recency bias will keep people off of him which is perfect. I am penciling in 15 to 20 Fantasy points right of the bat so about 2.5 times price tag. #3 Fade the chalk right? Right? Wait no no no, I will end up having alot of shares of McDavid and Shenks and if a few punts and my overall game theory is on tonight I could turn my $80 into several hundred or even a big win. If I hit tonight it’s great if I don’t win a cent that’s ok to, the reasoning is this if I am gambling tonight which I am this is not a cash lineup it’s a lotto ticket with some good game theory that should pay off. I as always will post results tomorrow morning good luck tonight guys.

Short Slate NHL 11/21/17 (Winner)

We have a short 3 game slate for NHL tonight and I have a crazy idea! Go to 3 or 4 sites and read up on the best picks for each position. Tonight for example almost every article will talk about Tareshenko and McDavid and give you a bunch of stats. I made a lineup after looking at 4 things today 1. I read an article from @2locksports

2. I read an article @dailyfaceoff

3. I went in to my optimizer and looked at some of the picks off the cheat sheet to see who was a must play.

4. I chose 4 players not listed in any of those articles and locked them in and began to build. When it was all said and done I came up with 2 value guys that you can play that have decent upside and great value that will let me afford some big price tag must play guys. My lock in all my tournaments is Vancouver Defenseman Michael Del Zotto $3,600 on FD. He gets an average of 20 minutes ice time per game and gets love on the PPL. My second Lock is Center Bo Horvat $6,000 FD. What can I say this guy just gets involved and was a player I played a ton last year and he is starting to become pricey but do now I can pair him with McDavid and still afford a decent amount of mid price range guys and defferentiate my lineups on a short slate. Bo went from 3rd line to first line since the season began which has increased his ice time and looks on the PPL. You can pair him with his line mates or as a one off. Here’s the lineup I am actually playing tonight on FanDuel.


Good luck tonight.

Results from this posted Lineup tonight, Doubled up baby


Over- thinking it?

Sometimes too much is too much. Over the last 2 weeks I have second guessed myself so many times that I have had very few wins. So glad Tuesday is a day off and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This guy needs to clear his mind and go back to simple data research and go with the numbers. It’s the only way to stay steady at DFS. Hope everyone is looking forward to spending time with their families. But I would be lying if I said I can’t wait to watch some football on turkey day. Good luck and don’t think too much. It doesn’t pay.

Back at it


Well it was a brutal 10 days for personally I could not pick the right combonation of players in lineups to really do more than break even. Tonight I was able to win all of my cash games and cashed in a dozen or so GPP’s all in all I was in for about $100 in Cash and won all of those and had another 223ish in GPPS on the main and late slate. I listened to the PODfrom the guys over at ACKarma I liked the vibe today and was able to use Ben Hosslers article and Booby’s GPP article to craft some good lineups using the tools and optimizer at ROTO QL   All in all the more time i put into building lineups and the less I rely on hunches always seems to go better anyway now that I have risen from my depression I hope to put some cash lineups out for some of the bigger slates.