Best plays based on the obvious 11/25/17 FanDuel


Welcome to DFS Brilliance, I try to break down the not so obvious best plays and sometimes they are pretty obvious. Looking at the main slate today I want to try an attack it with 3 games that I have researched and determined have the best match ups and potential for some high scores for your GPP Lineups,

I love the Rockets-Knicks matchup and just looking back at some of the points Harden puts up he’s my top play who should easily make value.

Top stacks Rockets – James Harden, Chris Paul and Clint Capela.

If this game stays at all competitive which I think it will based off of how poorly NY played last night I think they come with a strong effort. I’m not opposed to Running back at this stack with Tim Hardaway and the zinger but keep your eye on news about wheter or not Kanter plays as that would change my entire theory on a full Houston Stack here. If Kanter plays I love Paul as a one off. and would focus more on the game below.

Top stacks 76ers – Joel Embiid and TJ McConell, Sarcic.

With Ben simmons out the minutes are locked for TJ and Embiid’s usage goes up to 39.1% according to Rotogrinders Court IQ Tool. Sarcic scores an average of of 4.8% more according to that same tool. on the other side of this game I like Vucevic as a one off if you want to stacjk this game. I like Payton but his price is a little too high and there are better point guards to target if we’re gonna load up on studs.

The obvious – SO I am pretty sure most people will be playing Steph Curry with KD already ruled out today. the news that we need to her fron this game is on Draymonds status. If Draymond is in this game looks like it will play out on the vegas numbers which is currently at -11 in favor of the dubs. Note that the spead started out at -14 so there has been movement towards the Pels.

If your going after ths game, I am!! I am stacking Steph, Bell, Klay. This again is all predicated on if Draymond is out. if he is I am stacking right back in this game with Rondo, AD and Cunningham.

My pain today – What do I do with so many good matchups today do I play the bigs from the Pels and the PG’s like Steph and Russ? I am torn as I do my own research I try to decide before I see any industry news what I think the plays are going to be and after I read some articles today I am torn on wheter to go stars and scrubs or balance with a few big guns.

Here’ is an actual lineup I will be playing in the main slate today on FanDuel. Good Luck and please if you win send me some shout outs on twitter @VatmanP