Short Slate NHL 11/21/17 (Winner)

We have a short 3 game slate for NHL tonight and I have a crazy idea! Go to 3 or 4 sites and read up on the best picks for each position. Tonight for example almost every article will talk about Tareshenko and McDavid and give you a bunch of stats. I made a lineup after looking at 4 things today 1. I read an article from @2locksports

2. I read an article @dailyfaceoff

3. I went in to my optimizer and looked at some of the picks off the cheat sheet to see who was a must play.

4. I chose 4 players not listed in any of those articles and locked them in and began to build. When it was all said and done I came up with 2 value guys that you can play that have decent upside and great value that will let me afford some big price tag must play guys. My lock in all my tournaments is Vancouver Defenseman Michael Del Zotto $3,600 on FD. He gets an average of 20 minutes ice time per game and gets love on the PPL. My second Lock is Center Bo Horvat $6,000 FD. What can I say this guy just gets involved and was a player I played a ton last year and he is starting to become pricey but do now I can pair him with McDavid and still afford a decent amount of mid price range guys and defferentiate my lineups on a short slate. Bo went from 3rd line to first line since the season began which has increased his ice time and looks on the PPL. You can pair him with his line mates or as a one off. Here’s the lineup I am actually playing tonight on FanDuel.


Good luck tonight.

Results from this posted Lineup tonight, Doubled up baby