Multi Lineup Build FD NHL 11/21

When I look to build multiple lineups for DFS I always start with my value and potential low owned players, For that I generally go over to Linestar and check on their projections. I don’t know how accurate they are to the decimal but I use them and once my contest starts they are generally in the neighborhood of what they said. I’m looking for low ownership because that’s how I am ultimately going to win GPP’s. Tonight I am focusing on a few things for my games to target. #1 I like the growth of the youth on the Canucks and Bo Horvat and the top line is taking a lot of shots on goal. Note here that the industry including my own optimizer I use at Roto QL is on the Philly side with Neuwirth. Perfect could not be in a better spot to pull off a huge win with most players trending towards that goalie I like the Nuck’s spot tonight. Lot’s of shots equals potential goals. I am also not off of Philly in fact I think we may have a 4–3 game. #2 I’m targeting Jake Allen and for this simple reason; I think the Blues and Vegas thinks the Blues will win. His price tag and recency bias will keep people off of him which is perfect. I am penciling in 15 to 20 Fantasy points right of the bat so about 2.5 times price tag. #3 Fade the chalk right? Right? Wait no no no, I will end up having alot of shares of McDavid and Shenks and if a few punts and my overall game theory is on tonight I could turn my $80 into several hundred or even a big win. If I hit tonight it’s great if I don’t win a cent that’s ok to, the reasoning is this if I am gambling tonight which I am this is not a cash lineup it’s a lotto ticket with some good game theory that should pay off. I as always will post results tomorrow morning good luck tonight guys.