Back at it


Well it was a brutal 10 days for personally I could not pick the right combonation of players in lineups to really do more than break even. Tonight I was able to win all of my cash games and cashed in a dozen or so GPP’s all in all I was in for about $100 in Cash and won all of those and had another 223ish in GPPS on the main and late slate. I listened to the PODfrom the guys over at ACKarma I liked the vibe today and was able to use Ben Hosslers article and Booby’s GPP article to craft some good lineups using the tools and optimizer at ROTO QL   All in all the more time i put into building lineups and the less I rely on hunches always seems to go better anyway now that I have risen from my depression I hope to put some cash lineups out for some of the bigger slates.