11/7/17 Late Slate multi lineup Winner!

Winning Screen Shot

$80 Multi entry from Roto QL

Well I built 20 Lineups using the optimizer at ROTO QL i went in and choose 1 player who was trending and locked it in and favorited 2 others and built 20 lineups. It was a huge return and I nearly took down the entire GPP, if only a few of the values did a little better. In any case a win is still a win even if you have to split it with 269 other exact lineups. From a feel good stand point it’s not ideal to split with so many others but I will never argue with the results which garnered a huge 447% ROI. Tie or not the bottom line is that is huge return on an $80 investment. One thing I would like to point out is that it took me literally 1 minute to build these lineups and about 10 minutes of research. If you decide to click on the link and want to try ROTO QL I am happy to answer questions and help you get started building winning lineups.