30 lineup build with Roto QL

11/6/17 Tonight we have a small 3 game slate for NBA and most of the smart DFS players really take advantage of the details on nights likw these. As an example last night i played the late 2 game slate and lost a little and won a little, the one common factor was that the lineups that did well were the lineups with random one off players in them. MY take as of this writinf is that we really have one solid game to pick from tht should stay close the other 2 threaten to be blowouts. So lets look at the blow out factor, The Dubs are probably goinf to clobber the heat who are at present 16.5 point underdogs. So what do we do fade it paly it safe or hope vegas is wrong. Vegs is not always right but they are usually not far off. One of the things i will be looking at tomorrow is line movement in all of the games and what I want to see is if any of the games appear closer by tip. The Boston game looks like a potential blowout but The Celts are playing a back to back so maybe they are tired and that could mean our value may show up in that game. But realistically these are professional players they will all be ready to play. I like the Celtics game more than the other two to build around and that will be where I will start my players will Be Kyrie, Rozier, and Smart. i will most likely favorite in my optimizer from the PHX BKN game the usual suspects TJ, Devon, James matching up with Demarre, D’Angelo and RHJ. If I go in and favorite all of those here’s what a Random Lineup might look Like


Now I know what your thinking that does’nt look very good I mean the projected points aren’t cash worthy right. Don’t fret Last Monday I posted a screen shot with a $2,250 win and that lineup was built the exact same way and was projected at 311 and finished at 364. But the purpose of this is to show you that the strategy needed to win big is sometimes multiple lineups with the most unsuspecting players in it. I know I have whipped open my contests on more than one occasion and looked at the leaders lineups omly to ask myself what in the worls would make that person put that guy or this guy in that lineup. Anyway if you want to try this out and need an optimizer that produces results you can go here ROTO QL to get access to the same thing I use. Well I will be building 30 lineups and inveting $120 looking for a near 400% ROI or hopefully we can hit the big one and win 100K. Good Luck out there and look for my Lineup for Gpps later in the day.