Building Cash Lineups

When I buid a cash lineup I like to use ROTO QL. The quick pick feature allows me to look at real time trending players and choose to favorite or lock them in for my build. In cash games you want to have similar players to your competition and have it boil down to having 2-3 differentiating players be the differece in winning and losing. I will usually take a top trending high value player and lock them in and then pick 2-3 players from the PG and C positions to lock in as well, especially on FD where you get bonus points for steals and blocks. I use the data on this site and trust it as it was developed by one of the worlds top DFS players and I’ve won over 6K playing as a moderate to small entry player. I will be posting a FD cash Lineup closer to lock Good luck today. Use the tools and trust the data!!!!!