Picks for 11/2/17

Short slate tonight so I will tell you that the winner of the GPP’s will have some contraarian picks and sleepers if you will in their lineups. What do I mean sleepers well not really sleepers more or less you have to determine who is going to get the usage tonight. Are the dubs going to blowout the Spurs? If your research says yes then you need to ask yourself who will benefit the most from this? Here are my picks based off of my early feelings on tonights slate:

PG – Im going with Lonzo he’s going to play alot and this game should stay close I like him over Curry tonight.

SG – Danny Green, with Leonard out Green has been getting alot of usage and tonight he will be heavily owned but most will have Curry in their LU’s so pairing him with Lonzo seems to be a good play

Consider McCollum

SF – Durant Lock even if he only plays 3 quarters tonight he’s going to get you points

I Love Rudy Gay here in a blowout as well

PF – I cant decide on Power Forward but I think you can use any combo of the following Green, Nance, Randle, Davis, Kuzma I would again consider blow out factors for Green but then again he may not be as popular due to this concern amongst players.

C – Punt with McGee but if your making multiple lineups then no surprise here Nurckic, Gasol, Lopez.

Game Theory I will use tonight is to try and pair/stack the Lakers game and pull a few one offs from the Dubs game.


Good Luck